Why Should You Follow A Wholesome Fitness Plan?

If you want to make a switch to a positive and healthy lifestyle, it’s highly recommended that you follow a balanced and wholesome fitness plan that can keep your mind and body in an ideal shape.

Regular, consistent, and well-monitored physical activity is essential for losing weight and steering away from diseases like obesity, diabetes, high BP, cardiovascular illness, and osteoporosis.

However, once you kick-start fitness-related activities, it’s best to have a practical approach with measurable goals, executable strategy, and a trackable ecosystem. This is where a well-structured fitness plan comes into the picture to guide you through your fitness journey effectively.

“I felt so much better prepared and organized once I started following the fitness plan, prepared especially for me by the OneFitPlus team. Earlier, exercise used to be on the mind but rarely in action. The curated fitness plan made me aware of my challenges and placed me directly on the path to success with regularly monitored physical activity and accomplishments”, said Sumit Arora, OneFitPlus Customer


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A fitness plan is a detailed goal-based schedule that assigns regular sessions of physical activities for you. The activities could range from walking, running, jogging, cycling to strength training and core exercises. A fitness plan is like a binding contract that you make with yourself to accomplish your goal, losing weight or just getting fit. By following a fitness plan, you rule out the possibility of procrastination and make yourself accountable for your health.



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A personal fitness trainer or an expert can help you on various levels. For example, when you are not sure about the type, duration, and intensity of the workout to choose from, an expert can chip in to guide you through the process. In addition, a trainer can help you fix achievable goals, keep you motivated, and hold you accountable if you turn slack.

The trainer can be the qualified expert to teach you the right exercise technique, develop a diverse workout routine, and prepare the ideal customized plan based on your abilities and limitations. Nowadays, you can easily find an expert trainer through an online fitness program.


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You would have to first assess your current fitness level, including your stamina, flexibility, and limitations. The fitness plan would also have to keep in account your health concerns, if any. Your trainer can measure your BMI, BMR, walking/running pulse rate, take your plank/step test and assess other determining factors. The intensity of exercise and training in the plan would hugely depend upon whether you are a beginner or come with a specific experience.


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You need to be amply clear about the goal you have in mind. Whether you want a post-pregnancy weight loss workout plan, a simple technique to increase your stamina, build muscle mass or remain fit, the end goal should be precise. Then, based on your current fitness level and the explicit goal, your trainer can create a plan with focused exercises that can help you achieve your target in a realistic, time-bound manner.


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You would need to arrange for the necessary gear and equipment to start a fitness regimen. Suppose you are looking at exercising at home. In that case, you may consider investing in good quality exercise equipment for home like treadmill, stationary bike, elliptical trainer etc which provide an excellent cardio workout within indoor comfort and privacy.

Also, you can purchase a few dumbbells for weight training that’s essential to build muscle mass. Additionally, you can get yourself a smart body composition digital weighing scale, a fitness band, and download a fitness app, that can help you effectively keep track of your progress. Having a pair of comfortable and supportive shoes are also a prerequisite before beginning a fitness program.


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With the proper exercise, it is essential to take the right diet. A registered dietitian is a person who can help you develop a safe and realistic eating plan that you can stick with for the long haul. Whether it is a digestion issue or you are planning to conceive or lose some weight, a dietitian can thoroughly analyze your situation and ensure you get the right kind of nutrients in the right amount through a balanced and tasty diet.


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Start slowly with cautious moves, keeping your inherent strength in mind. Once you build the fitness activities into your daily routine and get used to them, you may gradually pull up the duration and intensity of your workouts. Do not forget to include warm-up and cool-down exercises to let your body adequately prepare and recover. Aim to have at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise per week.


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Try and have a mix of various activities to reap the benefit of each one of them and not get bored. For example, if you intend to lose weight, cardio isn’t the only way to achieve that goal. Strength training is equally important as it increases the muscle mass in your body, elevating your metabolism and calorie burn rate- even at rest.

Apart from cardio and strength training, devote at least one day each to high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and bodyweight exercises. Altering your exercise routine with a mix of activities can keep your interest level up and avoid a plateau-like situation.


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Do make sure to monitor how well you are doing along the way. Then, depending on the results, you can make necessary modifications or adjustments. While keeping a journal and weighing yourselves have traditionally been the go-to tracking methods, we feel fitness apps and wearable tracking devices these days have changed the game in a significant way.

Being fit is a lifelong journey, made easy with healthy habits and lifestyle changes. You may have the best intention, but in the absence of the right approach and technique to achieve physical fitness, your efforts can fall through. A well-structured fitness plan that keeps your strengths and weaknesses in mind is the most practical solution to achieving your goals.

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